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The Bora home appliance brand is famous for its revolutionary steam extraction system . Away from the traditional concept, Bora proposes plates with extractors located at the same level, which absorb all the steam downwards. This prevents the kitchen from being filled with steam or smells from spreading.

The Bora kitchen system is perfect to integrate into high-end kitchens since, in addition to having the best features, it offers us a very modern and attractive design. This makes it a highly demanded brand among those who are looking for the best quality hobs and extractors and that offer the latest technology for their kitchens.

But, in addition, it makes it easier to install kitchens on islands without the need that there is a hood on top, which allows a better distribution of space and a decoration more to the taste of the homeowner.

Bora offers different systems for your kitchens. The simplest is a plate that combines the cooking points with an extractor located in the center. It is a compact and classic design that fits in most kitchens and is available in two or four burners.

But for those looking for something special and made to measure, Bora also offers modular systems, to combine cooking zones with the extractor in the way that best suits you. This allows better adaptation to islands, excessively narrow kitchens or, simply, to satisfy design whims.

Both types of kitchen are available both with extractors that draw steam to the outside and those that have a system filter and recycled, which allows you to have clean and healthy air without the need for a smoke outlet.

Bora offers solutions for kitchens for the home and also for professional kitchens. Its comprehensive product menu, all of the best quality, offer an answer to any problem and allow adaptation to any need.

Bora professional plates can be placed in businesses, but also at home when it comes to people who are very demanding when it comes to cooking and who want to have different systems, such as pot burners, plates for grilling, etc.

The systems of the basic line are the most requested for private homes , since they cover the needs of any family with the best quality and price ratio.

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