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About us

ELECTROSHOWROOM, S.L. was born with you in mind.

Deciding on a new kitchen is a very important step. In Europe, on average, we barely change the kitchen twice in our lives. Hence, when choosing, the client seeks the best advice and the most personalized service possible.

At Electroshowroom we take care of accompanying you and guiding you throughout this process. From minute one we work so that you get the kitchen you have always dreamed of with high quality materials and finishes. Because the little details do matter.

Finding your ideal kitchen is possible. Our human capital has extensive experience in the high-end kitchen furniture sector, so we will find the kitchen that best suits your needs and makes life easier for you at home.

We want and seek the satisfaction of all our customers and, for this, we offer a great shopping experience. Contact us and get a personal kitchen with unique designs and creative solutions adapted to the demands of our users.

“Creativity and functionality are the identity of all our work in order to defy time and improve the quality of our lives”


We have created a kitchen studio, which offers you everything you expected. Kitchens from repeatedly award-winning designers, with creative solutions that help you enjoy cooking and make life more enjoyable.