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Being passionate about everything we design, with the highest quality and creativity, using the latest developments in finishes and features on the market.

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Being able to offer you a great variety of possibilities when creating, and the 25 years of experience in the sector of our interior design team will be able to carry out together with the great variety of qualities that Inko kitchens have, make your dream come true. 

We are experts in kitchen furniture Barcelona . The kitchen is perhaps the room in the house where it is most important to take advantage of space, it stores food both in cupboards and in refrigerators and freezers, cooks, wash and store utensils and, in many cases, it also has to have space to prepare food and eat.

With all these requirements, it is evident that the design of the furniture is very important for the final result to be successful and perfectly adapted to the needs of each home. All the tricks that help save space or make everyday tasks easier are important to get more comfortable in the kitchen.

We are specialists in kitchen renovations in Barcelona, ​​both modern kitchens and vintage kitchens . We develop personalized projects and make sure that all products have the highest quality, both in design and materials. The kitchens are designed to last a long time and always be kept in the best conditions.

The reform of a kitchen is a very personal project and that is why each one must be totally different. Kitchen planning must be a hand-in-hand work between the client and the company that is going to carry out the renovation.

The client will be able to explain what they want and the Experts will be able to contribute their advice and experience. The end result must completely satisfy the customer who will be the one who will enjoy the kitchen for a long time.

Choose in advance not only the kitchen design, but also the materials to be used and the electrical appliances is essential to make the best decision. We have the best brands of home appliances, from Miele Home Appliances to Balay , and many more. Advice is also very important so that the client can resolve any doubts they may have regarding the characteristics of each option.

No matter what style of kitchen in Barcelona you are looking for, we can offer you from classic kitchens to the most modern ones, going through vintage designs so current in recent seasons. We know all the trends well and we can offer advice if it is needed to create the best design for a specific space.

We work with the best brands of household appliances because we know that the best quality furniture needs household appliances to the height, that not only do not detract from the kitchen, but are able to provide quality and good taste.

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