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In our showroom you will also find furniture for modern kitchens and bathrooms. Furniture in all styles to enjoy modern, contemporary or beautiful vintage kitchens and bathrooms.

In our Showroom you can find the latest in Miele electrical appliances , one of the best high-end brands of household appliances on the market. Miele offers the latest in technology and services to make the kitchen experience even more rewarding and you can enjoy preparing the best dishes assisted by the latest in kitchen innovation.

Gaggenau is the high-end appliance firm that has best known how to combine tradition with innovation. The Gaggenau appliances have the elegance and design of handmade products in which every little detail is taken care of. Even the smallest thing matters when designing each appliance, taking into account these values ​​mentioned but also the current rules of fashion so that everything fits perfectly in the latest trend furniture. Of course, they also have the most advanced technology and the most innovative features because tradition and technology are not mutually exclusive.

Gutmann is a brand of high-end appliances specialized in the manufacture of hoods and extraction systems for the kitchen that is also present in our Showroom in Barcelona. The high quality of its designs and its high performance make Gutmann hoods perfect for kitchens of all kinds, but especially those open and for those located on the island as they prevent odors from spreading to the rest of the house in an effective way. And all this without giving up an impeccable aesthetic and a design that, just by looking at it, it becomes clear that you are facing the leaders in this type of electrical appliance.

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