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In the living room it is surely the room of the house in which decoration and comfort should be more intertwined. It is the place where the family will spend time together and where they will enjoy leisure, so the choice of furniture and accessories is very important.

The great protagonist in the living room is the sofa or sofas, which must have enough seats for everyone and adapt at the same time to the size of the room. The coffee table and the carpet will give warmth to the whole and make the living area much more welcoming.

It also has Importance is the television cabinet matching the rest of the furniture in the room and accommodating the most important needs of the room, be it storage or space for decorative pieces

A space for the whole family

The whole family must have their space in the living room and must have an accommodation for their things. Therefore, our projects take into account its characteristics in the interior design of the living room.

It is not the same to think of a space for two people who will only enjoy leisure there than if there is a baby who needs of a safe place for play and recreation with parents.

Or if the room is not only used to watch TV and get together with friends, but it is also the place of the office .

To create a multipurpose space that adapts to the different needs of the family and does not leave anyone out, it is one of our challenges. And all this with a defined decorative style, which fits in with the rest of the home and provides a lot of personality.

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