Design kitchens in Barcelona. We manufacture custom docina furniture, both vintage and modern. Custom kitchen cabinets. Quality kitchens.

Inko kitchens

Inko kitchens have become a national benchmark for their high-quality finishes, beauty and functionality. Their designs can be adapted to any space in the home, complying with the maximum guarantees in their finishes and materials used; and most current trends in interior design.

Stosa kitchens

Stosa Cucine has managed to position itself as one of the most internationally recognized Italian kitchen brands for its quality designs and innovation. The space is conceived as a medium that responds to the demands, wishes and needs of any client.

Meson's Kitchens

This Italian brand has been manufacturing quality kitchens for more than 50 years. Its designs combine tradition and modernity to provide finishes with character and harmony; where beauty takes on real importance. The production of Meson’s kitchens is respectful with the environment.

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