Wine tastings


More than design, more than technology and, now, more than service..

ElectroShowroom will soon offer wine tastings, bringing to our customers the wine culture in an elegant and fun manner. We believe in wine tasting as a leisure activity in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can learn about the mysteries of wine and discover new scents and textures. Every tasting will be served with excellent gourmet products. Come with us and enjoy!

If you are interested, you can get in touch with us at

And, remember, if you want to preserve a fine bottle of wine, at ElectroShowroom we offer the best deals in Liebherr and Miele wine refrigerators. 

Come and meet us at Comte Comte Borrell 229 and we will be happy to assist you.


Next events:

(We will soon announce dates on our website and social networks)

  • Wine, whiskey and champagne tastings.
  • Gin and tonic, mojito and caipirinha tasting.
  • Draws for our followers in social networks.


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