The benefits of osmosis

Drinking and cooking with pure water

  • Save on your gas bills: with light waters the boiling times are shorter.
  • Baby’s bottles: Specially for the youngest in the house, start drinking quality water.
  • Steam ironing: no need for buying distilled water.
  • Low sodium diets: this waters has no dissolved minerals.
  • Clear and nice taste ice cubes.


  • Protects your home water pipes, avoiding lime to accumulate and getting rid of the remaining lime bit by bit.
  • Protects your pots, water heaters, accumulators and radiators. Hot water is more affected by lime, for heat makes it stick faster. This makes water heaters and pots break down easily.
  • Protects the electrical household appliances which use water, such as washing machines, coffee machines, irons, humidifiers…

Technical Assistance and Maintenance service

We have whole team of specialists and professionals in water treatment who are able to visit you at home in order to help you and fix any issues related to installing, functioning or equipment maintenance.

Contact our Technical Service (Atosa Olsa, S.L.) on the phone number 93 453 13 19 o via email at serveis@atosaolsa.com

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