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In our Meson’s Barcelona kitchen showroom, you will find the kitchen you are looking for to complete your home.


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Meson’s M2 kitchens take advantage of materials such as laminate or lacquered finishes to lower manufacturing costs without having to give up the quality of the final product. And always with a great design work in modern kitchens, with minimalist and very attractive lines.

The Italian design is thus achieved high-end can reach a large number of homes where you will enjoy a very special kitchen, fully adapted to the needs of the family and that fits perfectly into the most contemporary trends.

Sobriety is the first word that may come to mind to define M6 products, although these kitchens are above all personal, with a mixture of trends and an elegance that makes them unforgettable once they are discovered.

With a very high quality, their finishes and the thickness of their materials are aspects that make the difference from other kitchens. A good example is its thick, high-quality doors, which gradually lose thickness at the edge to configure the opening area. The way in which they are integrated into the home environment is surprising and makes them present in the best projects, being a benchmark among the high-end.

ME pone su punto de diferencia en la elección de materiales de última generación combinados con diseños de vanguardia. El aluminio y el cristal se fusionan con estos materiales novedosos consiguiendo una apariencia muy moderna pero que, a la vez, tiene vocación de perdurable.

Cocinas que en muchos casos son monocromáticas y que se integran con el resto de la vivienda, siendo ideales para espacios abiertos ya que no habrá problema en encajarlas en los diseños de interiores más vanguardistas y de calidades más exigentes.

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